About us

A minimalistic range inspired by Bali and the tropics.

Feel carefree in luxurious Italian fabrics, paradisiac tones and minimalistic cheeky cuts. Our pieces are designed to suit all sunshine needs, whether it be tanning, surfing, or simply poolside lounging. 


 About the founder Nathalie : 

Baci Swim was created out of my personal need for quality bikinis. After having spent years of buying bikinis that didn't fit quite right, I decided to design my own. Growing up in tropical climates, and always in the ocean, I created bikinis that suit my lifestyle of salt, surf, and some days just lounging in the sun. 

I hope that other women feel comfortable and beautiful in Baci Swim bikinis, quality bikinis that will last. I believe in slow fashion (in not having to throw out clothes after two months of use..) in ethical trading and shopping with a purpose. 

I wish you find you a piece from Baci Swim that you will fall in love with. 

xx Nat